Give Now Pay Later For Your Nonprofit

Givzey makes offering flexible giving options to your donors a breeze. With no hidden fees, credit checks, or interest, our only goal is to help you empower everyone to become a philanthropist for your cause.

Givzey Guarantee - Transparent & Simple

Raise Double Your Annual Givzey Membership or The Next Year is Free.

2x ROI, Guaranteed.

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Receive Gifts In-Full, Up Front

When a donor enters their gift, your nonprofit receives the full amount, immediately, while your donor gets to pay over time. That’s direct capital you can put towards impact.

Flexible Giving Options for All Donors

Empower your donors to put their money where their values are. Givzey’s flexible giving solutions lessen the strain philanthropic giving places on household budgets.

No Donor Fees, No Credit Checks. 100% Transparent.

Givzey is a fundraising-first company. We protect your donors' generosity without hiding fees or surprises intro the Give Now Pay Later process. 100% transparent and free for donors.

No Risk for Nonprofits

We’re built by fundraisers and for Social Good. Givzey takes all the risk that comes with Give Now Pay Later so you don’t have to worry about anything—defaults, or otherwise.

We’ve pioneered a better and more flexible way to donate

Donors love Givzey, the first flexible giving option that allows your donors to split their gift payments over four months, interest-free with no hidden fees while your nonprofit gets paid in full, upfront. Turn on Givzey's Give Now, Pay Later donation solution to provide your donors with more flexible giving options and encourage increased donations.

Givzey transforms recurring, pledged and consistent donations into up-front capital.

Meet Givzey

Givzey is the first Give Now, Pay Later solution that gives your donors a smarter way to make their gifts. With no hidden fees or surprises. With Givzey, you can offer your donors new flexible payment plans to expand your donor base and increase average gifts in ways never before thought possible.

With Givzey, every donor can make an immediate and major impact on their favorite nonprofit organizations.

Gift In-Full

The donor pays for their gift in four installments and the nonprofit receives the donor’s entire gift immediately, risk free.

Sustained Givers

Create a pipeline that converts first-time donors into sustained givers

Stop Unfulfilled Pledges

Givzey eliminates the risk of missed and unfulfilled pledges from one-time donors and sustainers

How it works

Only Givezy allows donors to split their payments over time so they can make a more significant gift today. Givezy is free for all donors, no catch, no hidden fees, no credit check, and no interest payments.

1. Instant Approval

Givzey uses its patent-pending PHILO Score to measure a donor's philanthropic potential and gives the donor an instant approval decision at the moment they transact their gift without any hard or soft credit checks.

Learn More about the PHILO Score

2. Donors make their gifts

Donors make their donation on a branded page and your organization receives the full gift immediately.

3. Donors pay over time

Donors split their payments into four installments for free. No interest and no hidden fees. Ever.


Why do nonprofits and donors love Givzey?

It was easy and transparent. I would definitely use Givzey again.

Rachel N.

Givzey allowed me to make a bigger gift to the Children’s Hospital without overburdening my budget.

Robbie W.

Excellent service and super responsive support. Very quick and professional. Definitely recommend.

Riley J.